Friday, August 7, 2009

green pruniferous

Music: Nive Sings
Album: Nive Nielson and Dear Children
Song: Aqqusernit
She is an indie folk artist that comes from nuuk and she sings in both english and greenlandic


  1. awesome video--that looks like so much fun! and i like the song. remember all that music i gave you before you left? maybe you can return the favor ;)

    and weird title btw, what's that all about? green prunes?

  2. so i flew home from spain today and on the map i saw that we flew over the southern tip of greenland! i got really excited that i was like 30,000 feet above you. i waved!

  3. Those kids fluttering about in your videos are like instant charm. It is as if all you do is play! No, I know. It's a lot of work.

    Okay. We gotta make this Skype thing happen. What's your Tuesday like?

    Blowing you a kiss, international style!