Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christ's agenda

I was really excited to blog some of my recent thoughts/things God is teaching me. There are so many so I will try to combine a few so they make sense.

I think it is easy to take on the burden's of the places around us and feel pressured to do something about them. It is just not our job to do this. I can't make a difference no matter where I place myself. God wants us to rest in Him. To take a break from our busy life and the craziness going on around us and just rest in Him and His presence. Then bring that along everywhere we go.

The sick in the street used to try and just get to Peter's shadow so they would be healed. This had nothing to do with Peter's shadow, the Holy Spirit overshadowed Peter and people wanted to get a piece of that.

The most important thing for us to learn is that if we are resting in the Lord and hearing from Him then He will make things happen in our lives. It really shouldn't even have to be much of an effort on our part.

Jesus was often drawn to people from compassion. We have this same thing placed within us... if the Holy Spirit draws us to a particular person to say or do something then do it. God is still working miracles all the time but only for those who are expecting them, and acting out of Christ's perfect love.


  1. i'm learning some of the SAME things :-) i'm glad you shared.

  2. Hi Tiffany, I totally didn't realize it was you who'd started following my blog so long ago! I hope you're doing well. I've enjoyed reading your words of wisdom here on your blog. Thanks for sharing!